Traditional Corn Husk Dolls by Jude Droesch on September 7

By August 26, 2018Blog

Traditional Corn Husk Dolls & Fall Arrangments Crafted by Jude Droesch

September 7th    5-8 pm

Meet fiber artist Jude Droesch, our newest contributor at Corners Gallery.    Jude crafts traditional Corn Husk Dolls which are representative of the type unique to the Americas. Historians are unsure of how long First Americans have been making corn husk dolls, however they have been found among almost every corn-growing indigenous tribe across North America. Jude learned her craft from ladies in the Appalachian town of Berea, Kentucky, more than 30 years ago. Jude also uses corn husks, along with other natural dried plants and fibers, to create Fall Arrangements for the tabletop and wall.