Hand Painted Bags by Pat Rooks

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This is the last week to view the exhibit of hand painted bags by local artist Pat Rooks at the North County Transit Center on Pershall Road. Pat, a self-taught artist, uses acrylic paint to create whimsical depictions of animals, people and plants. She embellishes them with feathers, trims, beads, rhinestones, and a variety of handles, often adding a subtle message. Look for her on Tuesday morning at the opening celebration for the cafe at the Transit Center.


Vintage Linens

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Vintage linens are a favorite of mine, so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to frame these 3 heirloom handkerchiefs. Each have crocheted lace edges, but the yellow butterfly is exceptional!



Antique Frames with Carved Leaf Corners

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I love these antique frames with carved leaves at the corners! A customer who collects these brought them in with some cross-stitched pieces of children. We then stretched and fitted them into the old frames with museum glass to create this sweet trio.